TorGuard VPN CEO might get 5 years in jail during Greece fraud trial

TorGuard VPN Greece Fraud — AllthingsVPN

The co-founder of one of the leading VPN providers may be looking at up to five years of jail time after being charged as the guilty party in a conspiracy case in Greece.

Authorities are holding TorGuard CEO Ben Van Pelt personally liable for an online shop to extract 2,000 US dollars from an illegitimate credit card.

As Greek news site Dikastiko reported, a fraud that took place in December 2018 never resulted in any transactions being recorded on the account involved. Accordingly, the authorities launched a police investigation to identify and apprehend the criminal.

Transparency will always be one of the pillar focus of TorGuard

According to Alexis Anagnostaki, the Greek lawyer who defended Van Pelt, holding the carrier liable is absurd and reveals the way the judicial system functions in Greece. “In other words, instead of detaining the assailant in a homicide, they sued the manufacturer of the weapon.”

Nevertheless, Van Pelt told TorrentFreak, that he has no plans to change the transparency of his ownership of his business. His legal problems don’t seem to have affected this outlook.

Being falsely accused of something is frustrating, particularly when there is lack of evidence and a lack of understanding regarding the technology involved. TorGuard will continue to preserve trust as its keystone of operations.

VPN companies are increasingly cited in legal cases

As cybercrime continues to rise, VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, as these tools can shield individuals’ privacy and anonymity when they’re online and prevent them from committing illegal activities online.

The greatest private virtual private network providers all have strict no-logs policies regarding the management of their customers’ information. In this way, no data of any kind is stored, leaked, or shared. In an ongoing legal investigation, this could be an issue, as authorities can’t know who exactly may be responsible.

Some government agencies are trying to take other countries’ cues from India’s recent data privacy policies.

While movie companies also want VPN services to monitor pirates, there are various attorneys who are eager to access Piracy lawsuits against these companies, enforcing legal responsibilities on CEOs and company founders.

Whether Van Pelt overcomes loopholes in TorGuard’s business dealings, it will set a model for the industry of VPN companies.

TorGuard VPN Greece Fraud — AllthingsVPN