Top 6 truly free VPN providers in 2022

Best Free VPN providers

Many VPN providers offer free versions of their premium applications. Although limited, they are more than enough to keep you safe and anonymous online . Some of them also allow torrenting and can even unblock Netflix America .

Take a look at our top 6 (really) free VPNs:

  1. PrivateVPN : The Best Free VPN for Windows and Mac Users
  2. ProtonVPN : The Best Free VPN with Unlimited Data
  3. : The best free VPN in terms of customer support
  4. Tunnelbear : The Best Free VPN If You Are Looking For Many Server Locations
  5. Windscribe : The Best Free VPN for Fast Connections
  6. ZoogVPN : The Best Free VPN for FireTV

You don’t have to compromise your security and privacy online to save money. These providers offer excellent 100% protection at zero cost. Unfortunately, they also have their limitations, such as speed and data limits

If you want a cheap VPN that protects you without restrictions, we recommend Surfshark.

If not, we can dive into our top of the best free VPNs of 2021. Read the full article below!

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can use the Internet more anonymously and with more security thanks to an encrypted connection. Most VPN providers require you to pay a monthly fee if you want to use their network of secure servers. However, there are some VPN providers that offer free connections.

In this article, you will learn more about free VPN services, how they work, and why you should be cautious when using them. In addition, we will also recommend six great free VPN services so you can use them right now.

Beware of free VPN services

You should always be wary of “free” products and services, and VPNs are no exception. While some free VPNs do their job very well, not all of them can compete with paid VPNs.

Many VPN services claim to be free, but they still take something from you, even if it’s not money. For example, some free VPNs, like Hola, sell your connection details to other customers. Other free providers even monitor the websites you visit to sell this data to marketing agencies.

In other words, you might think that your online life is protected by these free VPNs, but in the meantime your privacy is even more compromised.

Worth Considering: Free 30-Day Trials With Premium VPN Providers

Generally, free VPNs have certain limitations. Premium paid VPNs, on the other hand, are more secure and offer more options, such as unlimited data and speeds, friendly customer service, and access to streaming services from around the world.

If you want to try a premium service for free, there is a promising VPN that we recommend without hesitation: Surfshark. For just $2.49 a month, you get all the benefits of a premium VPN. The free trial consists of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within those first 30 days, they will refund your money without any problem.

If you want to know how you can use Surfshark’s money-back guarantee, you can take a look at this Surfshark free trial guide. Or find out more about the trial periods of all the major VPN providers.

If you are really looking for a free VPN, there are a few reliable options. You may run into data or speed limits, but the free VPN providers on this list are generally recommended and completely free.

You don’t have to sign up with payment information or make use of a money-back guarantee. With these providers, free means free.

Comparison table of the best free VPNs of 2022

Speed ​​limitNoNo, but slow serversNoNoNoNo
Free monthly data10 GBUnlimited10 GB500 MB2 GB10 GB
Servers in countries93446103
Does Netflix USA work?YesNoNoNoNoNo
Allows P2P trafficYesNoYesNoYesYes (limited)
Encryption levelAES 256-BitAES 256-BitAES 256-BitAES 256-BitAES 256-Bit128-Bit
Operating systemWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, Fire TVWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, Linux, ChromebookWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TVWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TVWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, Linux, Fire TV
WebsiteVisit PrivateVPNVisit ProtonVPNVisit Hide.meVisit TunnelBearVisit WindscribeVisit ZoogVPN

What is the best free VPN?

Free VPN Services

After extensive testing, we have come to the conclusion that PrivateVPN is the best free VPN service of 2022 .

Other good free VPN providers are ProtonVPN,, TunnelBear, Windscribe, and ZoogVPN, with each option having its own unique benefits and features.

Our list of the best free VPNs can be summarized as follows:

  1. PrivateVPN : The Best Free VPN for Windows and Mac Users
  2. ProtonVPN : The Best Free VPN with Unlimited Data
  3. : The Best Free VPN for Customer Support
  4. TunnelBear : The Best Free VPN If You Are Looking For Many Server Locations
  5. Windscribe : The Best Free VPN for Fast Connections
  6. ZoogVPN : The Best Free VPN for FireTV

How do we determine this top six?

First of all, it is important that there are no direct or hidden subscription costs. VPNs with free trials, which automatically become paid subscriptions, are not included in our list.

Additionally, we believe that it is crucial that the VPNs we review do not sell the information to third parties.

When comparing various free VPN services, we also looked at encryption, data limits, speed, the number of simultaneous connections allowed, and server locations.

Choosing the best free VPN for you

Free VPNs often have a combination of different limiting factors for data, internet speed, and server availability. In day-to-day work, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Which provider you choose depends mostly on your personal preferences.

Do you want to use the VPN for streaming? So, the important thing is to have a reliable speed and a large amount of data available. Keep in mind that when it comes to streaming, paid VPN services tend to perform better due to their high speeds and no data caps.

Whatever your purpose for the VPN, you should try to find a free VPN service that has servers in your country and no speed limits. This can be tricky given the limited number of server locations that most free VPNs offer, but it’s not impossible.

Below, you will find more in-depth information about our top 6 free VPNs.


1. PrivateVPN – The best free VPN for Windows and Mac users

PrivateVPN is the best free VPN today. An amazing newcomer with a great interface and user experience.

NetflixYes, for readers
Simultaneous connectionsone
Server locations9 locations
Data limit10 GB per month
Speed ​​limitNone
EncryptionAES 256-Bit
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the PrivateVPN website

PrivateVPN promises to keep your privacy, and it seems that it excels at doing just that. Let us tell you what we like and what we don’t like so much about this free VPN.

Reasons to use PrivateVPN

Badge Editor's Choice

There are several reasons why this provider has finished at the top of the list. First, PrivateVPN works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Android TV. PrivateVPN also has an app for FireStick, so you can use this VPN on different Smart TVs, too. Finally, it works with Netflix, which is rare, and therefore a great plus for this free VPN service.

With PrivateVPN there is no problem when downloading torrents ; We tried downloading multiple torrents ourselves while connected to PrivateVPN, and it worked without a hitch.

PrivateVPN offers unlimited speed as long as you stay within the 10GB data limit. Keep in mind that after your 10GB of monthly data ends, you will still be able to use PrivateVPN. You will be limited to a server and a speed of 1 Mbit. But you will continue to be protected and anonymous.

Plus, considering it’s a free VPN, there are plenty of server locations to choose from: Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires.

Finally, PrivateVPN Free brings with it an automatic emergency button. This is an essential security feature often found only on paid VPN services.

Does PrivateVPN have any limitations?

There are a few limitations to be aware of with PrivateVPN. First of all, there is no dedicated application for Linux.

Also, you can use the free version of PrivateVPN only on one device at a time. Apart from this, PrivateVPN performed really well in our tests and has impressive features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a free service.

Verdict on PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is, right now, our editor’s pick for the best free VPN. It has a beautiful application, it works intuitively, it is fast and easy to use. A refreshing new player and one to watch out for.

protonVPN banner

2. ProtonVPN – The best free VPN with unlimited data

ProtonVPN is the most popular free VPN, ideal for those looking for a free VPN with no data limits.

TorrentsIt’s not allowed
Simultaneous connections allowedone
Servers location3 locations
Data limitNone
Speed ​​limit“Average speed”
EncryptionAES 256-Bit
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the ProtonVPN website

ProtonVPN can fairly be called one of the best free VPNs on the market. This popular Swiss provider offers easy-to-use software and applications with good encryption.

Why choose the free version of ProtonVPN?

The free version of ProtonVPN has no data caps, a unique case among free VPN providers. It also has no speed limit. This means that you can use this VPN for as long as you want, for whatever you like to do online.

Another feature of ProtonVPN is that it works well on all your devices. ProtonVPN works on Mac, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, and even certain routers.

Finally, ProtonVPN is a very secure provider. It is known for its focus on security and privacy, and this extends to its free service. As long as the VPN connection is activated, you are protected.

Disadvantages of the free version of ProtonVPN

Although the free version of ProtonVPN has no speed limits it can be quite slow at times . This is understandable when we consider the number of users who make use of ProtonVPN’s limited free servers. Internet speeds can drop as servers struggle to handle all the traffic. The ProtonVPN website also advertises that its free VPN speed is “medium,” while all of its paid subscriptions are “high-speed.”

Also, ProtonVPN does not support torrenting. This means that you cannot download files from torrent sites while connected to a free ProtonVPN server. This free service won’t give you access to Netflix either, you’ll have better luck unblocking foreign Netflix libraries with ProtonVPN’s premium servers.

The free version of ProtonVPN gives you access to servers in “just” three different countries : nine servers in the US, three in Japan, and eleven in the Netherlands. This limited selection of servers can be a problem for some users.

You can use ProtonVPN for free on one device at a time. But seeing as it is a free service you could, theoretically, register multiple accounts with different email addresses. This way you can protect each device you have with a separate ProtonVPN account.

Verdict on ProtonVPN

Our editorial team finds that ProtonVPN is currently one of the best free VPNs available. In addition to the free ProtonVPN service, we have also reviewed the premium version of this provider. logo

3. – The best free VPN in terms of customer support

A reliable free VPN that allows torrenting, but denies you access to Netflix.

NetflixIt didn’t work in our tests
Simultaneous connections allowedone
Servers location5 locations
Data limit10 GB per month
Speed ​​limitNone
EncryptionAES 256-Bit
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the website

Why choose’s free VPN service? is a household name in the VPN world. This provider offers both paid and free options. The free subscription gives you access to five servers in four countries: one in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany, and two in the US (east and west). is a zero logs VPN. This means that the provider does not store any information about your activities on the Internet, which is good news for those who are concerned about their privacy. The free version of also gives you 24/7 access to their customer service .

In previous years, did not allow users of the free version to download torrents. But this policy has changed, and users of the free version can now, in fact, download via torrent websites. However, keep in mind the monthly data limit of 10 GB when downloading.

There is no speed limit for users of the free version of Also, the app works on many operating systems, such as WindowsiOSmacOSAndroid, Linux, and Fire TV.Operating systems that works with

Operating systems that works with

Disadvantages of the free version of

The free version of does not work with Netflix. We have checked it ourselves in October 2021, and we cannot see any series or movies on Netflix. This is probably the result of recent changes to Netflix, which has decided to increase its fight against VPN users.

Another downside to the free version of is that it has a data limit of 10GB per month. If you want to use it for streaming, you will reach this data limit very quickly. In those cases, the free version of ProtonVPN may be a better choice. Alternatively, you could consider a cheap paid VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark.

With you can only protect one device at a time. As with ProtonVPN, however, you can get around this limitation by registering multiple accounts, one for each device you want to use on.

Verdict on

The free version of will work fine for most of your needs. However, it has a data limit, which is not ideal for streaming or downloads.

Although you have much more data than with most competitors, 10 GB is still a relatively small amount. Unlike other services, but, allows you to download torrents with its free VPN.

Tunnelbear logo

4. TunnelBear – The best free VPN if you are looking for many server locations

TunnelBear is one of the most trusted providers offering free VPN solutions.

TorrentsIt’s not allowed
NetflixIt didn’t work in our tests
Simultaneous connections allowed5 locations
Servers location46 countries
Data limit500 MB per month
Speed ​​limitNone
EncryptionAES 256-Bit
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the TunnelBear website

What benefits does the free TunnelBear app provide?

TunnelBear is another good option if you are looking for a free VPN. The interface is clear, fun, and easy to use. The visual style is unique and highly recognizable. Their website is easy to navigate and installing TunnelBear software is quick and easy.

Plus, security and encryption are on par, and the free version of TunnelBear has no speed limit .

Even in its free version, TunnelBear allows you to choose from all of its servers available in countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Brazil, India, and Italy.

Tunnelbear Servers

We were able to watch many different streaming services while connected to a TunnelBear server, including HuluBBC iPlayer, and YouTube. Netflix America didn’t seem to be working, however.

TunnealBear is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Plus, their free VPN can be used on multiple devices at once, just like a paid plan.

This VPN provider has some limitations, but it is still a very good free VPN. If you want to download its free version, click on “Prices” at the top of its website, and then select the free subscription.

Disadvantages of the free version of TunnelBear

The biggest downside to using TunnelBear is the data limit , as you only get 500MB per month. For everyday use, most users will exceed this data limit, especially when viewing streaming services.

You can add 1GB of free data to this limit if you tweet about TunnelBear, but the question is why would you do that as a user seeking more privacy online.

The service to the customer is limited to users of the free version. TunnelBear says on its website that paying customers will have “priority customer service.” This means that they will help you quickly and more efficiently if you have a problem with TunnelBear.

And there is also the problem that TunnelBear does not allow P2P traffic on its servers, so we do not recommend downloading torrents through TunnelBear servers.

Verdict on TunnelBear

The free version of TunnelBear is of high quality, but only appropriate if you need a very small amount of data. The free package may be sufficient if you occasionally want to log into public Wi-Fi networks. This prevents you from being the victim of a hacker lurking on said public network.

Windscribe banner

5. Windscribe – The best free VPN for fast connections

A reputable VPN that works with almost all operating systems and devices.

NetflixIt didn’t work in our tests
Simultaneous connections allowedUnlimited
Servers location10 countries
Data limit2 to 10 GB per month
Speed ​​limitNone
EncryptionAES 256-Bit
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the Windscribe website

Why should you choose Windscribe’s free VPN?

Windscribe is one of the best known free VPNs that we have reviewed in recent years. The security measures appear to be of the highest level, although it was reported in July 2021 that some of its servers had not been updated since 2018.

And what operating systems does Windscribe work on? Well, basically on all the major operating systems. You can use Windscribe on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even FireTV.

The free version of Windscribe has fewer options than the paid package. For users of the free service, Windscribe provides 10 servers divided between different countries around the world. If we compare it with the payment option, it allows us to use more servers in up to 63 countries. Also, Windscribe’s servers are very fast.

Another advantage: you can use Windscribe on as many devices as you want. Quite exceptional for a VPN that you don’t have to pay for.

Windscribe: Limitations of this free VPN

This free VPN service has a data limit of 2GB per month. However, if you choose to share your email address with Windscribe and verify it, you get 10GB per month.

Keep in mind that this is, technically, a form of payment: you pay with your email address and get more data in return. We think it is something strange. Your email address is likely used for marketing purposes, so Windscribe can contact you by email and get you to upgrade to a paid subscription. Even when you do get that 10 GB of data, you will probably use it up quickly after a few days of heavy internet use, especially when downloading or using streaming services.

Another downside to Windscribe is its usability. Windscribe’s software is not as user-friendly as the other free VPN providers named above. Most of the program’s buttons take you to your account page on its website. It is not as easy to use as the programs that let you edit certain settings from the same VPN application.

We couldn’t get Netflix to work with Windscribe. However, we had no problems with torrents.

Verdict on Windscribe

Windscribe’s free VPN package is really solid. The speed is superb, although we don’t like the data limits. Also, Windscribe is not a good choice for users who enjoy watching Netflix with their VPN.

Zoog banner

6. ZoogVPN – The Best Free VPN for FireTV

A no-logs VPN provider with a limited number of servers that can be used on only one device at a time.

NetflixIt didn’t work in our tests
Simultaneous connections allowedone
Servers location3 locations
Data limit10 to 50 GB per month
Speed ​​limitNone
PriceCompletely free
WebVisit the ZoogVPN website

Why should you choose ZoogVPN, and what sets it apart from the competition?

ZoogVPN offers its users multiple encryption protocols. Users of the free version can choose between IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Paying users have additional protocols to choose from. But for most users, OpenVPN is sufficient, since it is a very suitable protocol for security and speed and is the standard among VPNs.

This VPN works on Windows, MaciOS, Linux, and Android devices. It is also compatible with AndroidTV and FireTV.

While testing the free ZoogVPN app, we discovered that it has an emergency button. This is a feature that you can turn on and off, which ensures that all internet traffic is interrupted when, for whatever reason, the secure VPN connection drops. The presence of an emergency button is unusual in a free VPN, and we think it is definitely a feature that we should mention.

When should you avoid ZoogVPN? Some limitations of this provider

The big downside when it comes to ZoogVPN’s encryption is 128-Bit encryption instead of AES 256-Bit that the other free VPNs offer. The reason they purposely chose to provide their free users with lower encryption is beyond us.

If you have a free package with ZoogVPN you will only be able to use 3 servers on their network. These servers are located in the Netherlands, the UK, and the US The free version can only be used on one device at a time. However, this is true of most free VPN providers.

ZoogVPN has a data limit of 10GB per month. You can increase this limit, but to do so you must refer paying customers. Each paying customer you refer to ZoogVPN will earn you 5 GB of data, up to a maximum of 50 GB per month.

ZoogVPN’s VPN servers are quite fast, but when these are heavily loaded, users of the free version are the first to be affected. When we tested ZoogVPN’s free servers in January 2021, Netflix didn’t seem to work.

Verdict on ZoogVPN

Although ZoogVPN is not at the top of our list, keep in mind that there are over 300 free VPN options on the market. The fact that a provider is included in this list of the best free VPN services, means that they meet minimum requirements in terms of quality. ZoogVPN has its good limitations, like all the free products out there, but it is still a good choice for a free VPN.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

You must be careful when using free VPN services. A study of some 300 free VPN apps a couple of years ago showed that many free VPNs don’t properly protect your data . Access to all kinds of confidential information (such as your contacts, photos and social networks) is often requested unnecessarily. Even some free providers infect your device with spyware and other malware.

Many of the free VPN services are owned by Chinese companies, which may make you have some suspicions about their intentions and the level of security and anonymity they actually provide. As we all use the Internet continuously these days, it pays to use a good and reliable VPN service.

Paid VPN services will generally be more aware of your privacy. They also offer a more advanced level of security, as well as many other additional features.

For example, connections are usually faster, with a paid VPN. You can use multiple simultaneous connections (to share the subscription with friends and family or just use an account on your laptop and phone). You also have greater possibilities of accessing streaming services from abroad, such as Netflix America or BBC iPlayer. Besides this, you can download torrents safely without having to worry about data limits or fines.

Most of these features are not available in free services. Plus, paid VPN subscriptions have got pretty cheap, and they’re worth every penny. If you want to know which companies currently offer the best VPN services, take a look at our comprehensive top 5 of the best VPNs.

Cheap VPNs

There are big price differences between paid VPNs. The prices of some premium VPN providers may shock you, but luckily, there are several that offer very good VPN connections at very low prices. Occasionally, a good cheap VPN can turn out to be just as good, if not better, than a VPN with a higher monthly fee.

For a few dollars a month, you can get a really good VPN and have peace of mind regarding the security of your internet connection and your data. A good example of a great VPN at a low cost is Surfshark.

Do you want to know more about the different cheap VPNs out there? Maybe you want to browse our article: Take a look at the best cheap VPNs

Free VPN with no data limits

As you have already seen, most of the good free VPNs have data limits. Free VPN users are restricted by these limits, as maintaining VPN servers and connections costs money. Data caps allow the provider to publicize their VPN service without costing them too much.

Still, there is at least one good free VPN with no data limit: ProtonVPN. The free version of this VPN can be quite slow at times, as all of its free users are spread across just three servers. When these servers are very full, your speed will drop. ProtonVPN hopes that, this way, using your VPN connection for long periods of time will be less attractive.

But if slow speed isn’t a problem for you (for example, if you don’t need a VPN for streaming) ProtonVPN is worth considering.

A big downside to the data limits of free VPNs is that you can’t watch an entire movie or TV show. When you are watching something via streaming, (for example on Netflix), you will reach the monthly data limit after one or two hours. Therefore, even if the speed of the connection is not a problem, your joy will not last long.

Free VPNs with no speed limits

Since most VPNs already use data caps, they don’t see the need for speed limits. As a result, these VPNs are often as fast as paid VPNs. Some free VPNs do not actively enforce speed limits because their free servers are already slow due to the large number of users.

Fortunately, there are free providers that offer a relatively large number of servers, such as TunnelBear  and Windscribe. This means that even though the VPN connection is free, the speeds will still be decent. Especially TunnelBear, which has clearly demonstrated what a paid subscription with them gives of itself, since they give you access to all their servers, however with very limited data (500 MB / month)

Free VPN for all your devices

Most of the good free VPNs use programs and applications that are compatible with the most common devices and operating systems. This means that these VPNs are easy to install on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Some VPNs even offer programs for less used operating systems, making it possible to use a free VPN on Linux, for example.

The best free VPN for your computer or Mac

Most of the free VPNs are available for Windows and Mac. There are three ways to use a VPN on your computer:

  1. With a dedicated application for your operating system
  2. Through your operating system settings (built-in VPN support)
  3. Through a browser extension

Some VPNs are only available as a browser extension, for example for Chrome or Firefox. This means that they do NOT protect other internet traffic, including torrents and emails. The only thing that a browser extension protects is the Internet traffic that takes place in your browser, such as electronic banking through the bank’s website.

Different operating systems require different VPN programs. Linux’s users will have a slightly more difficult time setting up a VPN connection compared to Windows or Mac users. Setting up a VPN connection on Windows or Mac is generally just a matter of downloading and installing the provided program. Linux’s users often have to manually configure their connection to the VPN.

Free VPN for iOS and Android

VPN on mobile

Smartphone VPNs are becoming more and more popular. Not only do we use our smartphones more and more, we also use them to connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks more often than to a computer. A free VPN is definitely an added value for any smartphone user.

Almost all quality free VPNs offer apps for both Android and iOS. All the free VPNs we’ve mentioned above offer free apps for Android and iOS.

Free VPN for Tablets

Smartphones aren’t the only devices that run on Android and iOS – iPad and Android tablets, too. It’s as easy to install and configure free VPN software on your tablet as it is on your phone. Using a VPN is ideal if you want to watch the North American version of Netflix on your iPad, for example. Just like for smartphones, all the free VPNs we’ve listed above have apps for iPad and Android tablets.

Free VPNs for Spain and South America

When researching for this article, we pay particular attention to whether the free VPNs we mentioned work well in Spain and South America. For this purpose, we analysed whether the available servers could make stable connections.

Free VPN server locations

Most free VPNs offer a small sample of their servers compared to paid subscriptions. The exception is TunnelBear, which gives you access to their entire global network of servers.

PrivateVPNUnited States, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, and France
ProtonVPNThe US, the Netherlands, and Japan
Hide.meThe US (east, west), the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada
TunnelBearAll your servers from around the world, including the US and UK ones.
WindscribeThe US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Romania
ZoogVPNThe US, the UK, and the Netherlands

Free VPNs you should avoid

There are also many free VPNs that you should avoid. Many are intended to track your data and sell it to others. Its use damages your privacy instead of protecting it.

Some free VPNs even sell your connection to other users. Normally, your bandwidth is given to premium users of the service, who in turn use your connection and IP address as their own “VPN server”.

Below you will find a rundown of some unsecured free VPNs that are relatively popular.

HelloHola sells the use of your bandwidth to paying users. This allows paying users to use your internet connection to access the web. As a result, your IP address could end up connected to suspicious activity.
SuperVPNSuperVPN keeps traces of your data to comply with DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) requests. If you’re looking for a way to download anonymously, you’d better use another VPN.
Psiphon ProPsiphon Pro allows its partners to track users. It also shares data with business partners, other partners, and the parent company of Psiphon Pro. In other words, you will have a hard time staying anonymous with this VPN.
Touch VPNTouch VPN adds different types of trackers (cookies, pixel tags, web beacons) to the user’s browser and shares data with third parties.
BetternetBetternet allows advertising companies, among others, to track user data.
AnonyTunAnonyTun allows advertisers to set cookies and make user profiles.

These aren’t the only unsafe free VPN providers out there. Many VPNs on the App Store and Google Play do not have clear policies regarding data processing and privacy.

If you find a VPN, always be cautious. Don’t assume that you will be able to surf the internet anonymously with these VPNs. You are welcome to tell us about other VPNs to prevent you from meeting in the comments and help us better protect our visitors.

Conclusion: What is the best free VPN?

Right now, the best off-road free VPN is PrivateVPN. This provider is absolutely the best choice when it comes to server network quality and security.

ProtonVPN is the best VPN if you are looking for unlimited data, while Windscribe performs better when it comes to speed. TunnelBear is the easiest free option to use.

The free VPN services recommended in this article are generally compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems. So whether you’re looking for a free VPN for iPad, Android, or iPhone, the recommended VPN services should work on your device.

However, the moment you start using the free VPN regularly for streaming, you will quickly run into data and speed limits. Similarly, you will usually experience restrictions when trying to download series and movies with a free VPN. In those cases, a cheap paid VPN will be more worthwhile. Free VPNs are perfect for occasional uses and when you only need limited data.

If you are looking for a free VPN service, be sure to choose one of the reliable providers that we have listed in this article, especially since many free VPN applications on the Play and App Store do not work properly or are a threat to your privacy and security. Internet security starts with a good VPN, and a bad VPN can have the opposite effect.

There are some new free VPN services on the market that we haven’t included in our list of the best yet. Some providers look promising, but can only be rated “safe to use” after they have passed the test of time.

The table below contains the best free VPN providers right now, for specific purposes and criteria:

Server locationsTunnelBear
Easy to usePrivateVPN

Best Free VPNs: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding free VPNs? Click on one of the FAQs below to read the answer.

Are free VPNs really free?

Many “free” VPNs do more harm than good, and they are not really free. These VPN apps store and sell your personal information. In these cases, the VPN cannot be called free, as you pay with your data. Some examples of VPNs that do not practice this type of activity are ProtonVPN, Windscribe and TunnelBear.

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Is it possible to watch Netflix with a free VPN?

Since free VPNs offer servers that rarely change, you won’t be able to watch Netflix with most of these services. Some versions of VPNs, such as ProtonVPN and ZoogVPN, sometimes work with Netflix, but there are no guarantees. 

If you want unlimited access to Netflix with a VPN (to access American Netflix, for example), you’d better subscribe to a good Premium VPN.

Are free VPNs safe?

Many free VPNs don’t deliver. Some don’t make you anonymous, some sell your private data to third parties, some even install malware on your smartphone or computer. If you want to use a free VPN, always choose a safe option. 

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Do free VPNs sell my personal data?

Some (free) VPNs profit by collecting user data and selling it to third parties. In these cases, you don’t pay with your money to use the VPN, but with your personal information. 

Fortunately, not all VPNs adopt these practices. ProtonVPN, for example, has a secure free version and costs are covered by the premium service.

What is the best free VPN?

There are a number of free VPNs that you can safely use, but there is usually some sort of data and/or speed limit. Your personal preferences determine which VPN is best for you. 

Do you want a free option with unlimited data? ProtonVPN might be the right choice for you. But if you prefer a VPN with servers in multiple locations or faster speeds, there are better options. Learn more about the  best free VPNs here.

How do I choose a free VPN?

If you want to start using a VPN, the most important thing is your online safety. Is the VPN reliable? Then you can check out the features offered by different VPNs. Many free VPNs have limitations in terms of data usage and speed. Don’t want to be restricted by these limitations? 

So, it’s good to consider subscribing to a premium and cheap VPN like Surfshark.