GOOSE VPN Review: Easy, Fast, P2P Compatible

GOOSE vpn review

GOOSE VPN is a new and newcomer in the VPN market, being founded in early 2015 and the service was installed in 2016. The company is located in the Netherlands, a country known for its liberal and progressive political climate. 

The young entrepreneurs behind the company thought the goose symbolized the best security guard you could have, as it greets uninvited visitors with big stutters and will never allow others to access its premises. 

A pretty clever analogy for what GOOSE VPN is trying to provide its customers in the digital world. Complete Internet traffic protection and safeguarding your privacy and personal information. In this extensive review, we’ll discuss our experience with GOOSE VPN and see if the service really provides the security its customers are looking for.

We tried GOOSE VPN as a great choice for those looking for a high quality VPN that is extremely easy to use. Perfect for non-technical users and families.


GOOSE VPN is a virtual private network. It is a service that grants users access to a special network of protected servers, guaranteeing anonymous, secure and encrypted internet traffic. GOOSE VPN is ideal for securing your connection when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Furthermore, the service hides your real IP address from hackers, the websites you are visiting and the authorities.

GOOSE VPN – Subscription and price

GOOSE VPN takes an approachable approach and keeps the subscription structure simple. There are basically 2 packages to choose from: the basic package and an unlimited package.

Basic subscription

The basic subscription comes with a data cap of 50GB per month, which could be enough for occasional internet users. Heaviest internet users will need more than 50GB, including those who like to download large files and often stream via YouTube, Netflix or Kodi. 

Once you reach the 50GB limit, you will have to pay to get additional data. You can buy this extra data through the website or through the client (which is quite easy).

Unlimited subscription

In addition to the basic package, there is an unlimited package (called GOOSE unlimited) with which you will have unlimited data and P2P compatibility (download via torrents). This subscription is ideal for families and regular users who like to download and stream, for example, via Netflix or Kodi. 

If you use the special discount code PRIVACY when subscribing, you will save 30% on unlimited packages.

Payment methods include credit card, PayPal, IDEAL and GiroPay. The service allows you to try the product for free for 30 days with no obligations, although this free trial has a data limit of 100 MB.

Subscribing to GOOSEVPN

Once you decide to subscribe to GOOSE, you can fill in your name and email on their website or log in directly using your Facebook account. To activate your subscription, GooseVPN asks for a one-time payment of $0.45 to verify your payment details. 

After that, your free month is activated instantly. In case you are not satisfied with GOOSE during the 30-day free trial for any reason, you can contact the support team to have your $0.45 verification payment refunded, and your subscription will be cancelled without complications. Keep in mind that a 100MB data limit applies during the free trial period for those who wish to qualify for a full refund.

GOOSE VPN Features (works Netflix, P2P and torrent downloading possible)

To protect your anonymity and personal information online, proper encryption of your internet traffic is required. GOOSE VPN uses 256-bit encryption technology, offering solid protection and encryption. Rest assured that you can browse, download and stream in complete anonymity when Goose is active on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

GOOSE VPN supports P2P protocol on some of its servers. In the client application, this is indicated with “P2P (download)” behind the servers where this applies. This means that connecting to these servers allows you to download through torrent sites like ThePirateBay without any problems. If a server does not support the P2P protocol, this is indicated behind the server with “No P2P (No Download)”.

On GOOSE VPN, they use two different security protocols that you can choose from. You have the choice between OpenVPN protocol and IKEv2 protocol. OpenVPN has the advantage of being based on OpenSSL, allowing it to fully utilize the encryption techniques associated with that protocol. Plus, it’s open source, which means there are constant security updates. 

On the other hand, you have the IKEv2 protocol which generally offers solid encryption and gives you a higher connection speed.

We performed several speed tests from our office in the Netherlands using the IKEv2 protocol. When connected to a VPN server, one always loses some connection speed as the internet traffic is going through an external server while it is encrypted. Regarding GOOSE VPN, the loss of speed was very minimal. 

Depending on the server we connected to, download speeds were between 80% and 95% of our original speed. Upload speeds were generally between 70% and 95% of our original connection speeds (without VPN).

In addition to the high connection speeds, GOOSE allowed us to watch Netflix while connected via VPN. Many VPN providers do not support this feature, as Netflix has actively tried to prevent users from viewing their service while using a VPN. 

It looks like GOOSE has so far managed to bypass Netflix’s block. In theory, one should use OpenVPN to watch Netflix with GOOSE as this is the protocol with Netflix compatibility. But for us, Netflix also worked with IKEv2 faster, which was a pleasant but unexpected surprise.

One more thing that hit us was the time it took to connect to the servers; The process of starting the application and connecting to a server is incredibly fast. Connecting to servers in the same country takes approximately 1 second, while connecting to servers on the other side of the planet takes about 2-3 seconds. 

We were quite impressed as we have tested many VPN services and the connection process can usually take quite a while.

Installation and configuration

You will need to download a special client application if you want to use Goose. This client application is available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android operating systems. Even Linus is being supported!

After registering on the site, you will be able to download and install the GOOSE VPN client. The installation procedure is easy and self-explanatory, and after installation, you are online with your new VPN in a matter of seconds.



The GOOSE VPN client interface is simple and user-friendly. Secure VPN users may want to be able to tinker with a few more settings and options than what GOOSE is offering. Many occasional VPN users will appreciate the simplicity and ease that GOOSE’s interface offers.

In the client, you can see the various servers available to you, and also which servers support P2P and torrents. Customers who have a basic subscription (limited to 50GB) can see how much data they have used and how close they are to meeting their monthly limit. When needed, these customers can immediately purchase additional data. For the unlimited subscription, this, of course, does not apply seeing that there are no data limits to be considered.

With the client, you can also choose your favourite protocol (OpenVPN or IKEv2) and select whether you would like to automatically connect to your favourite server or the server closest to your location. You can also select your language (Dutch or English) and the customer will inform you when updates are available.



GOOSE VPN has servers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. Currently, more than 55 servers are available, and this list is constantly growing. Of course, some major competing providers currently have more servers available, but GOOSE is a young company that is developing rapidly. 

As we stated before, we tested their current servers and found them to be very stable and offer excellent connection speeds. Also, in case you are interested in having a new server installed at a specific location, you can flag this to Goose, and they will take your request into consideration for future updates.

GOOSE VPN Serverlist

Below you will find a list of all available servers. It is indicated whether a server supports P2P, which means that you can use these servers to download securely and anonymously. 

In case you want to download with GOOSE VPN, we highly recommend going for the unlimited package as downloads consume countless data. GOOSE VPN currently has servers at:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Moldova
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Privacy and security

GOOSE VPN indicates that no logs are being kept when using the VPN service. No digital footprint will be left behind from any internet activity. GOOSE VPN monitors how much data you use on your account, to signal to people with a basic subscription how close they are to hitting their 50GB data limit.

Servers on the Goose VPN network use Linux as the underlying operating system with 256-bit encryption technology, as well as firewalls and special software designed to prevent and evade spam, virus and DDOS attacks. Once you are connected to GOOSE’s servers, these security measures also apply to your connection.

Overcome geographic internet restrictions

Many people use a VPN to be able to watch certain internet and television content in foreign countries. We tried various streaming services, including Netflix and certain YouTube videos, and were able to bypass geographic internet restrictions.


To solve any difficulties, you can try with Goose VPN, there is 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via a form on the website, by sending an email or using Twitter or Facebook. A direct chat is not available on the site.

Verdict: GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN is very easy to use; The client interface only contains the necessary information and settings and is very understandable for occasional VPN users. The servers are fast, and you can download torrents from several P2P dedicated servers. We were also able to watch the US version of Netflix by connecting to a US server from the Netherlands.

With GOOSE VPN, you can only get a full refund during your 30-day trial if you have not used more than 100MB of data while connected to Goose. This means that your $0.45 verification fee to sign up for the free trial may not be refunded in case you exceed 100MB, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to us. Having tried GOOSE VPN ourselves, we don’t expect many users to ask for a refund as Goose seems to offer a very competitive package for a very reasonable price.

To conclude, Goose VPN is especially interesting for those looking for a simple, qualitative and fast VPN. P2P and Netflix compatibility are also notable assets. Subscriptions start at $2.75 per month, although we expect most users to opt for the $12.99 per month unlimited package, for unlimited leisure, streaming and downloading enjoyment (don’t forget to use discount code PRIVACY for 30% off).