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Netflix VPN

Many people seek to access American Netflix because it has a large collection of movies and series. Generally, the amount of content that US Netflix has is much greater than the amount found in your local Netflix database. Although Netflix wants to develop the concept of a global offer, this has not yet been achieved. For this reason, people looked for a solution to be able to watch US Netflix: VPNs .

To be able to access American Netflix, people follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider. The top four for watching Netflix right now are: ExpressVPNSurfsharkCyberGhost, and NordVPN;
  2. Download VPN software on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
  3. Use the software to connect to a US VPN server.
  4. Access Netflix to view all American Netflix content.

According to our review and our readers, the best VPN for watching Netflix is ​​ExpressVPN. Its Netflix servers automatically connect you to the US version of Netflix and achieve great streaming speed.

If you want to know more about American Netflix and VPN connections, read our article below.

Do you think you’ve watched every Netflix movie and series? Well, don’t be so sure! Netflix has grown considerably in recent years (and will likely continue to grow) and is now available in many countries. However, the movies and series available vary depending on the country where you live. In this article, we will explain this further and how you can get around these geo-restrictions. It is easy to access the movies and series that Netflix has to offer in a country where you do not live. Want to watch American Netflix (and the biggest and most complete version of Netflix) but don’t live in the US? No problem, we have the solution for you.

If you use a VPN, you can easily bypass this type of geo-restriction online. This also applies to restrictions imposed by Netflix. Use a VPN server from another country, and you will be able to watch all the content that Netflix offers in that country. However, not all VPN providers can give you access to all your favourite series. 

You need a good VPN that can bypass Netflix restrictions. After all, Netflix, like many other streaming services, tries at all costs to prevent VPN users from accessing Netflix. They do this to block certain IP addresses. Even so, there are still some VPNs that manage to bypass the restrictions imposed by Netflix. Below you will find the four best providers.

The 4 best providers to watch Netflix

After analysing and testing several servers with different features needed to comfortably watch Netflix without restrictions, we chose the 4 best VPNs that work with Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a great VPN for watching Netflix, especially for the speed of the connection and servers. This is great if you’re watching streaming, as your videos won’t be loading all the time. In addition, ExpressVPN has many servers in different countries and has built a great reputation over the years. They also offer great customer support and intuitive apps for all devices.

It’s true that ExpressVPN isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but there’s a reason they’re at the top of every list. In an attempt to circumvent Netflix’s geo-blocks, ExpressVPN frequently updates its servers to make sure there are always servers that help you access Netflix from various countries around the world. If Netflix ends up blocking you, ExpressVPN’s customer service will help you find a server that works for you. If you want to know more about this provider, check out our ExpressVPN review.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a relatively new provider that is rapidly gaining market share. Its software is extremely easy to use, and the speed is also very good. The chance of you crashing with this provider is very low. In addition, Surfshark uses very secure protocols and also allows you to anonymously torrent.

In addition to accessing Netflix, Surfshark offers a number of extra options to enhance your online experience. And all this for a very friendly price, which makes it an amazing VPN. There is also another feature that makes Surfshark a great VPN for watching Netflix. With just one subscription, you can connect with as many devices as you like. 

That is, with Surfshark you will be able to watch Netflix from any device! Read our full Surfshark review to learn more.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a perfect VPN provider for you who want to watch Netflix without any hassle. They have a large number of servers spread across more than 60 countries. Thus, you will be able to choose which Netflix series and movies you want to watch. In addition, their servers are of great quality, preventing you from being in that eternal load of your movie before watching.

The CyberGhost app is super easy to use and even has a specific option for streaming. The app is very simple and intuitive, making CyberGhost a perfect provider for VPN beginners. If any problems occur while you are streaming, you can contact the customer service staff and your problem will be resolved quickly. 

Overall, CyberGhost is undoubtedly one of the best VPN providers for anyone looking to watch American Netflix. Netflix Content. Learn all about this carrier with our full CyberGhost review.

4. NordVPN

NordVPN is a very popular provider, mainly because of the number of servers it offers. Like the others mentioned above, NordVPN works intensively on accessing Netflix through its servers. They have a special feature called Smart Play, focused on watching Netflix content. A big advantage of NordVPN is that the price is very low for the quality they offer.

Its Smart Play technology (an encrypted feature of SMART-dns) makes it feel like you are in another country. After establishing a connection to US Netflix, the servers will no longer be routed. This feature reduces the loss of speed that often occurs when using a VPN. Of course, it is very difficult for Netflix to detect this type of move.

NordVPN also offers dedicated IP addresses and hidden servers. Both provide an extra layer of “cloaking” for your VPN connection. This can turn out to be very useful, as sometimes Netflix blocks many “ordinary” VPN users at the same time (via server blocking). However, with NordVPN, a regular connection already allows you to access American Netflix content. Learn about all the extra, useful, and super-secure options in our NordVPN review.

Different content on Netflix

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers a variety of movies and series. As you may already know, the content available (and which part) depends a lot on where you are in the world. It’s no secret that American Netflix has the biggest collection of all. Most countries only have access to 1/3 of Netflix’s total content. 

It’s not that Netflix wants to be cruel to everyone living outside the United States. In fact, the company has contracts with distributors in all countries and these contracts must be honoured. These distributors force Netflix to control where customers can access certain content from. Fortunately, you can get around these geo-restrictions with a VPN.

Netflix original titles like 13 Reasons Why, Orange is the new black and The Crown are available worldwide. In these cases, Netflix owns the rights and does not have to deal with intermediaries. The same does not occur with the rest of the series and movies offered, unfortunately.

There are several ways to get around these Netflix geo-restrictions. However, Netflix works hard to combat these “unblocking” practices. Therefore, some of these methods may no longer work. For us, VPN is the best method to watch Netflix freely. VPN also guarantees the freedom, anonymity and security of its users. 

You can find the four best VPNs for watching Netflix at the beginning of this article. We’ll tell you how we chose these four and why it’s better not to use a free VPN. Finally, we’ll also talk about some alternatives to VPNs, such as using proxies or the Tor browser, and why they often don’t work.

How many movies and series does Netflix have?

There is a website called uNoGS that maintains an up-to-date database of Netflix collections in certain countries. We use this data to create a graph that shows the amount of US Netflix content compared to other countries:

Netflix - table

As you can see, US Netflix leads this ranking, followed closely by other English-speaking countries (Canada, UK, India and Australia). Naturally, countries with a larger market have more movies and series available than smaller markets. For example, Mexico and Brazil have a larger collection than Spain and Portugal. 

Many Anglo-Saxon countries defy these rules when compared to their non-English-speaking peers, as seen above. Australians have much more content available than Germans, even though there are three times as many people living in Germany.

Why doesn’t Netflix work with all VPNs?

Netflix doesn’t always work when using a VPN. This is because the company actively fights people who try to circumvent its geographic restrictions. As mentioned earlier, Netflix must honour contracts with producers and distributors around the world, meaning that much of its content can only be accessed from certain countries. You won’t find all American series and movies in the UK version, and vice versa.

To enforce these “rules”, Netflix uses the location linked to your IP address to determine whether you should have access to specific content. If you use, for example, a German IP address to browse online, you will only have access to the German version of Netflix when logging into your account. VPNs can change that because they can change the IP address you use to access the internet.

But Netflix knows that too. Therefore, they try to discover the IP addresses used by VPNs by looking at the number of traffic and consequently blocking these IP addresses. Instead of being able to watch any series or movie on Netflix, many VPN users encounter an error message, asking them to disable their proxy connection/unblocking tool to continue using the platform.

netflix error

Fortunately, Netflix is ​​trying to make its content uniform and accessible from anywhere in the world. In theory, this means that all Netflix users would have access to the same content at any time, from anywhere in the world. But it will still take some time to reach this goal. Right off the bat, a good VPN that isn’t blocked by Netflix is ​​the best solution for accessing foreign content with your Netflix account.

Using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions – criteria

We tested several VPN providers with the resources below and chose the 4 best VPNs for watching Netflix (American). We used the following criteria to create our list.

Access to Netflix

To be able to watch Netflix, the VPN provider has to meet several requirements. As mentioned above, Netflix is ​​constantly fighting these types of services. Netflix will display an error message if they detect the use of a VPN. Not all VPN providers try (and succeed) to circumvent these restrictions. 

So, this is the most important feature tested by us. If we couldn’t watch Netflix with the provider, it wouldn’t be included in the list. Please note that we try to keep as up-to-date as possible, but with this ongoing struggle between Netflix and VPN services, the availability of Netflix on specific servers and even providers can change extremely fast.


Another very important feature when watching Netflix content is the VPN speed. When we’re watching Netflix, the last thing we want is waiting for a movie or episode to load. Therefore, speed is a very important feature in our assessment. 

Using a VPN can slow down your connection because your internet traffic is routed through different countries. Of course, the greater the distance between the servers, the slower your connection will be. But there is also a big difference in speed between providers. With some providers, you won’t even notice the difference, but with others the slowness can be very frustrating.

The same applies to connection stability. Our experience with connection speed and stability may be a little different from your experience if you live outside of Europe. Fortunately, most providers allow you to test their services for a period of time before committing to a subscription.

Customer service

Due to the fact that VPN providers are constantly looking for ways to bypass geo-blocks, it may be that Netflix blocks some servers used by the provider. This is where you realize the importance of customer service. If the provider has good customer service, they will help you find a server that is not already blocked by Netflix.

Dedicated IP address

Another service offered by some providers is dedicated IP. Usually, Netflix discovers VPN IP addresses when they realize that many people are accessing their services simultaneously through the same IP address. With a dedicated IP service, VPN providers will give you a personal IP address, for example from the USA. You will be the only person using this IP address, avoiding suspicion from Netflix. However, this feature will cost you extra money.

Different devices

If you use Netflix as much as we do (a lot), you probably watch movies and series on different devices too. Your smart TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone, you can watch Netflix from all these devices. But can you access some foreign Netflix content on these devices? And the answer is yes: some VPNs also operate on all these devices. 

All the VPNs we recommend for watching Netflix have apps that can be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphone, as well as on your tablet and smart TV. In other words, you can enjoy more movies and series on any of your devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, Chromecast, Android TV and other Android devices.

Free VPN to use with Netflix

There are some free VPN providers that allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, but we generally do not recommend using them. Firstly, free VPN providers may use your information and sell it to third parties. There is a greater tendency for them to do this than paid services, due to the huge financial incentive. 

Second, your computer is very likely to be infected by malware, as the protection and internal security of these providers are weak. Also, most do not offer customer service. This means that they will not be able to help you if you are having problems accessing American Netflix or any other problem.

Other Benefits of Using a VPN

Unblocking country-specific Netflix content isn’t the only advantage a VPN offers. VPNs give you complete freedom on the internet. Geographic restrictions are imposed by streaming services, but there are also countries that limit their citizens’ internet access. This type of censorship can also be circumvented by a VPN.

VPN encrypts all your internet traffic. In addition, it routes all your internet traffic through its servers. These features make it much more difficult for hackers, authorities and third parties to gain access to your personal data. Thus, VPNs provide the security for you to freely browse the internet.

Another important feature that a VPN can offer you is anonymity. Since the VPN routes your traffic through a different IP, no one will be able to see your real IP address. Your IP address is linked to your name, address and other personal data. By hiding your IP address with a VPN, you will be much more anonymous online.

In short, VPNs are much more useful than just watching American Netflix content. VPNs offer more freedom, security and anonymity online. If you’re interested and want to know more about these advantages, check out our article on the advantages of a VPN.

Other methods of bypassing geo-restrictions: proxy servers and Tor

Some will advise you to use a proxy server or Tor Browser to watch American Netflix. Our experience is that Netflix blocks most proxies. Also, the connection will not be as good as with other methods, i.e. loading can be quite slow.

Tor works like a browser and works by sending your traffic through different servers around the world. Each server will add a layer of anonymity. As traffic travels across different interconnects, Tor can also slow down. Also with Tor, you cannot guarantee that the last server (last routing interconnect) will be from the United States. 

This means that trying to access US Netflix through Tor is simply rolling the dice and relying on luck. Streaming videos on Netflix requires good data speed. Therefore, we only recommend using a good VPN. Also, a VPN offers many more advantages than just watching American Netflix, as covered in the previous section.

Final considerations

The continuing attempt by film industry distributors to ban illegal downloads and streams sometimes results in even people with a valid Netflix account or other streaming subscription being blocked. Today, our recommendation is that you use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and watch American Netflix or any other version of Netflix you want. 

We hope this article has helped you find the VPN that’s right for you. We will continue to test these services and their efficiency to keep you always up to date!